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License & Ordination

  • KCM recognizes that certification, licensing and/or ordination is a holy act in the sight of God. As such, certification, licensing and/or ordination by KCM is a confirmation that it has observed a candidate’s life, walk and integrity; that the candidate has fulfilled all the application requirements of the Organization; and that the candidate has fulfilled the qualifications of being a great leader worthy of “the laying on of hands” (which represents approval).

  • All applicants will be required to attend an eight week training Class that provides a curriculum of the Organization and what it stands for. 

  • Each applicant will be required to complete an Application for Ministerial Credentials. Character references will be important especially if the applicant is not known to the Pastoral Council Board.  Contact the KCM Office for an Application and/or further information.

  • Every candidate must adhere to the principles of the standard of excellence outlined in 1 Tim 3:1-13.

  • Upon completion of the eight week Training Class, each applicant will be required to sign a Kingdom Covenant Agreement, which will include a provision regarding discipline.  The Organization recognizes that its goal is always about restoration.

  • Each applicable applicant must understand and sign an acknowledgment of the Code of Conduct. This is a guideline setting for the standards for licensure, lifestyle, integrity.

  • All credential holders will be required to renew their licenses annually and adhere to the Code of Conduct in order to maintain their status with KCM.

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